Welcome to the MSU SCUBA Club WikiEdit

The MSU SCUBA Club is designed to bring certified divers and potential divers together. We partake in trips on a local level to a national level. We also partake in helping the environment through coral restoration in Key Largo and the Red Cedar River cleanup every semester.

What are you waiting for?? This is the opportunity of a lifetime!


You can find us on:

our Website

or on Facebook

or on Twitter

or and article in the StateNews

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Paint the Rock (Front)


Paint the Rock (Back)

We took a trip to Bonne Terre in December, where we dove in an abandoned undergroup mine.

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Sun or snow, we still dive

Here is some more information about the coral restoration project:

Discovering the Keys to Coral Restoration05:46

Discovering the Keys to Coral Restoration

Look at this HUGE turtle!!


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